ATI + AIGLX + Gnome + Beryl = teh win (almost)

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ATI + AIGLX + Gnome + Beryl = teh win (almost)

Post by Yokai » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:54

Hi all - it's that time of year again where Yokai shows up and has an odd issue. Having been very happy with the flat and non-spinny Sabayon that I've had on my laptop for a while I thought I'd see if aiglx or xgl and kde were up to snuff on the DVD.

I've booted the live DVD several times. I love it. I can even get AIGLX working with my crappy ATI card (FireGL 9000 - which is an Radeon R250). BUT....

XGL with KDE with Beryl = nice except for some distortions on the screen (1pixel wide lines showing up)
XGL with Gnome with Beryl = nice but I'm not a Gnome fan and I'd really like to see GL stuff running on top of my desktop

AIGLX with Gnome with Beryl = AWESOME!!! But I can't logout! (logout makes my laptop hang!)
AIGLX with KDE with Beryl = white screen and hang.

what I'd like to do is go AIGLX with KDE withOUT Beryl from the livedvd and I can't find out how... any clues?

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Post by Appleman1234 » Sat Dec 30, 2006 16:18

Just turn off beryl by choosing kwin as window manager.

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