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Activities/ logo

Post by tpprynn » Wed Oct 19, 2011 17:44

While we're awaiting Finbarr Murphy's update of the Activities Button extension, is there another way to replace 'Activities' with the Sabayon logo? (The originals don't work with Gnome 3.2 you might have noticed.) Where are all the Gnome 3 'panel' files in the file system and are they tweakable?

Three slightly non-consecutive days of Sabayon now and I'm starting to relax and pull out less hair.


[Edit, after some research: If like me you're bugged by all Gnome 3 distros looking the same by the end of this year you might be temporarily satisfied by changing the word Activities to for example Sabayon Menu as I have. Scroll down to the place that will seem obvious when you find it in the relevant file which is:


and type your preference instead of Activities.]

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