Verification of GPG Keys for

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Verification of GPG Keys for

Post by queria » Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:32

Hi, maybe i'm blind but i was unable to find where can i verify gpg keys for Security Advisories:

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# equo security update
>>  @@ Security Advisories: testing service connection ...
>>  @@ Security Advisories: getting latest advisories ...
>>    # Security Advisories: verification successful.
>>    # Successfully installed GPG key for URL:
>>    # Fingerprint: 2CF25142587640F31320191C37350592AF22F0BF
>>    # Make sure to verify the imported key and set an appropriate trust level:
>>    # $ gpg --homedir '/etc/entropy/security-advisories-keys' --edit-key '2CF25142587640F31320191C37350592AF22F0BF'
>>    # Security Advisories: GPG key verification successful.
>>    # Security Advisories: installing ...
>>  @@ Security Advisories: updated successfully
Well i looked on keys in security-advisories-keys

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# gpg --homedir '/etc/entropy/security-advisories-keys/' --list-keys --fingerprint
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir `/etc/entropy/security-advisories-keys/'
pub   2048R/AF22F0BF 2010-01-02
      Key fingerprint = 2CF2 5142 5876 40F3 1320  191C 3735 0592 AF22 F0BF
uid                  Sabayon Linux <[email protected]>
sub   2048R/342B09D6 2010-01-02
And tried to look for AF22F0BF key ... but no gpg server was able to find it nor i was able to find it on website or using google.

So please could someone post somewhere fingerprints of current official keys of sabayon and so on?
Maybe it would be good to publish them at sabayon/faq + push to gpg servers.

Thanks Q.

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