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Idea Or More Request

Post by nankura » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:14

Hey guys

Ok ive been using sabayon for a phew weeks now and im very very pleased with entropy and equo. and how it make's life alot easier than spending 6 hours compiling google chrome. now im not knocking that either, some people love compiling and theres benefits to computing linux life that way

Now when i first saw gentoo and sabayon. i came here and asked about turning sabayon into gentoo with. and recieved a great response. which helped me decide

So i decided to research a little how many people like the idea. and there are close to 50 posts i came across over more than just the sabayon forum about turning sabayon into a gentoo like setup. now using CoreCDX ofc or the spinbase dvd is probably the best option

But for those who are new and ( theres quite a phew users who are new to gentoo and sabayon/emerge etc. since its so user friendly you even get linux newcomers ) are interested in using sabayon as a gentoo installation dvd

I really think it would be great if someone ( not me, im clueless in how to do it, i just know the basics ) put together a stickied forum guide. or video tutorial. on how to take the CoreCDX dvd. since it comes with fluxbox, and turn it into a gentoo system. recompiling, doing the kernel. etc etc

Just my little idea since ive seen so many people ask it. i figure, why not ask if someone can make a guide. so its not asked so often

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Re: Idea Or More Request

Post by raman » Tue Sep 27, 2011 22:04

But WHY? I don't understand why you want turn Sab to Gentoo, if you have Gentoo distro avalaible. It's for me like turning around all process to take original form. You want to saved entropy way to easier Gentoo distro install or what?

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Re: Idea Or More Request

Post by BlackNoxis » Tue Sep 27, 2011 22:57

Erm... pardon me, but I didn't see no posts, topics nor even news about turning SL install into Gentoo :-? Can you be more precise ? And exactly who said that ?

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