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Re: General public opinion about starting a mass-promotion

Post by BlackNoxis » Mon Oct 17, 2011 23:24

Right now this group is suspended and the topic is a bit old... But I've conceived with v00d00 and other old users of Sabayon that a member should be a member, we don't really need Advocacy group when we have people to spread the word to Linux users, people that really think in this world enough to understand the complexity of this system :D
If we will make Presentations in our cities to local Linux communities and other activities, we can make a system full of real Linux users, not quite Windows user that just dropped in Sabayon (no one likes to explain him what's the actual meaning of : READ YOUR DOCUMENTATION !) lol.

We must be good community members ! Promote Sabayon to whom we think they can bring feedback and more information, not always leech without bringing back infos ! :D
I'll post everywhere you want if you made a Presentation, Reviews, etc. We also need artists for the system to make perfect artistic reviews of Sabayon, and pragmatical reviews of the programs, and also the data structure and management and package management of the system, each command what does exactly (with concrete examples).

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