SAB 6: as much fun as Windows at its worst. [Solved]

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Re: SAB 6: as much fun as Windows at its worst. [Solved]

Post by micia » Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:33

@BlackNoxis: the problem in this topic has been solved (even if a feedback and an additional solution is always welcome), besides, your suggestions are not very good for the system, as compiling manually applications is a risk for the integrity of your installation, if you want to compile programs from sources portage is the safe and supported choice.

Of course, if you want to make experience, compiling manually from sources is a nice way of doing it, but it can break your system, so it is not recommended in a "safe" installation.

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Re: SAB 6: as much fun as Windows at its worst. [Solved]

Post by BlackNoxis » Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:24

Of course, well said, by compiling yourself all of them can really stubbornly break apart your system, but I did tested myself those particularly programs and drivers like X server, Pidgin Mess, etc, and I can rest assured that in my 2 cases they work as I planned (on my laptop with Intel dual core, nvidia 9650M gt 1gb and a bit of KDE desk, and the other, the PC with amd sempron with a very poor 1800 mhz and nvidia 6 series, same system : Sabayon), still working for about a year, never changed it or reinstalled it or nothing, it is working as simple as it should : simple and just-working :D

As I've said, there is no big deal in recompiling yourself those X server driver, just test it, your console will survive anyway. If it works, than you can feel smarter if you done it yourself and it's working quite fine :>. Ah, and yeah, of course the 1st option is to compile them manually with portage, some of them I did with portage manually, so this is the main solution :>

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