Successful install on clevo laptop

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Successful install on clevo laptop

Post by chrisn » Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:45

Guys, I must admit I am seriously impressed with this distro. I've tried many (and I do mean many) other distros and had no luck (installation would simply freeze just after kernel load and no combination of boot params changed that) with installation on my clevo m54j lappy. Sabayon worked OUT OF THE BOX :!: Really, my jaw hit the floor and now I cannot wipe the :D out of my face. I've tried to install gentoo before and it did not work (same problem as above). I've got no idea what you've done to make it work. Can anyone tell me what is it that makes it work? For those that are not familiar with this model of clevo: it is based on Turion M, nforce 410/430 chipset and geforce go 6100 video adapter with 1280x800 screen.

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Post by cvill64 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 19:38

so glad everything worked for you :) thank you for the praise

for ease of use, we use gentoo, catalyst, and anaconda installer

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