Why do you use Sabayon?

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Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by Thev00d00 » Wed Mar 16, 2011 21:14

I got asked this recently, started to wounder why people use Sabayon over other distros?

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by packetknife » Wed Mar 16, 2011 22:39

Because from hour one it let me be as dirty or hands-off as I wanted to be without freaking out on me. Same reason I married my wife. ;-)

I was able to consolidate my 'just works' boot (formerly Ubuntu) with my 'experience life' boot (Gentoo). -Pk

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by Stupot » Wed Mar 16, 2011 22:50

For me, the main reason I use Sabayon is because I have no reason to leave.

There are lots of reasons why people want to give Sabayon a try. For me, I gave it a whirl back when Sabayon had the live DVD with beryl. It was all sorts of fancy pants.

But the reason I stay instead of using other distros is that I have no reason to. The devs don't try to force me to do things a certain way, there is no unnecessary hand holding.... These are things that tend to annoy me about other distros.

I enjoy being cutting edge, and Sabayon is one of the most stable cutting edge distros there is, if not the most.

I also like the direction that Sabayon is headed when it comes to the entropy package management system. Truth be told, I probably would have moved on to a binary distro by now if entropy hadn't come along.

As long as something doesn't come down the pipeline that I don't feel I can deal with, I will stay where I am content and happy, and that has been Sabayon for me for years now.

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by throdon » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:47

I use it because of "the out of the box" mantra we have. have you ever tried to get any/buntu to play mp3s or DVD or any other program that needs a codec? I never have that problem with Sabayon. Everytime I distro hop, it's always installing the codecs that brings me back to Sabayon. Another plus is that the live DVD/USB is amazing, compared to other distros. Try playing your music collection on most live DVD/USB(refering back to codec problems).
My current install is the XFCE spin with KDE 4.6 and Compiz. my splash screen is still set to XDM but I feel it runs KDE better than KDM and Compiz used to give all my installs a stutter every few moments. but it's running smooth and clean and I love it. who could ask for anything more. Thanks lxnay(and everyone else) for an awesome distro.
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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by Symbolic » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:29

why i use sabayon?
well, i tryed many distros, the most famous distros, and after all i decided to use sabayon because is the best of them.

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by wolfden » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:58

Stupot, you been around long time, hope you never leave. We know where you live incase ya do :wink:

I use Sabayon cause I share a lot of the same visions as Fabio. I'm not a binary fan, but binary serves it's purpose and Sabayon does it well.

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by amoebios » Thu Mar 17, 2011 17:10

Things like the QtCurve window decoration. And installing all sorts of applications. The many multimedia codecs, as some already mentioned, that let you watch or convert anything i want, without having to search through half of the whole internet. And the artwork, of course.

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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by PennyRoyal » Thu Mar 17, 2011 17:16

Yes... What Stupot said!

When I decided to move over to Linux, I was clueless as to what to look for in a Linux distro, I just tried every one I could get my hands on and messed with them all. After 6 months I was getting a little frustrated with trying to get things to work, just so I could start working. One day while chasing links on some forum, the name Sabayon was brought up. Well, I found it and checked it out (v3.4e I believe). Holy crap Batman..! EVERYTHING worked... I mean, I could still break it :wink: , but it installed and I could actually get some work done without working on the install first.

I decided right then, if I'm going to invest my time learning the ins and outs of Linux, this was the one. I think sometimes our impatience causes us to forget the past amount of time we have invested in learning and growing with other operating systems. I started with DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.0, and used every version through Windows 7... that is a lot of time to learn and accept the setups and work arounds. If I truly want to become Linux savvy, I need to be patient and willing to devote equal time and dedication to something new, different and better.

Sabayon is doing this for me. It's fast, it's stable, it has sulfur, and I don't HAVE to mess with stuff just to keep it working. And the forum and moderators are great! Sabayon is the only distro that made me feel as if I could actually cut the umbilical from MS.

I say thank you, thank you, thank you to lxnay and the whole support crew for having the conviction, focus, dedication and drive to provide such a classy piece of work... this work called SABAYON...

Penny :sunny:
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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by Skull Fire » Thu Mar 17, 2011 17:17

packetknife wrote:Because from hour one it let me be as dirty or hands-off as I wanted to be without freaking out on me. Same reason I married my wife. ;-)
1.i agree a great deal with with packetknife. depending on time and enthusiasim it can be as easy or as deep as you want.

2. rolling distro and of 64bit rolling distros its the most full featured per initial install, atleast to my liking. which is cool if you like to experiment and break things. reinstall in less than hour. . . :mrgreen:

3. not as secure as fedora on initial install, but sabayon can be made more secure easier than many others as full disk encryption and other toys are pretty easy to set up. also has user login by default, with seperate root pw.

4. i like and respect gentoo alot, but i dont want to install it. i just want to use it.

5. i like entropy a lot. it works well. ton of packages is great. also there are occasions when i dont happen to know every package ever made, so i need to look and see what library, plugin or whatever may be available that i didnt know existed. sulfur allows you to easily scroll down the list. this can be a headache sometimes as the list is long, but well worth it imho.

6. sabayon is not a hard core free software advocate, and neither am i. though i do respect what those guys are about and hope they continue to have progress. . .but i want everything to work today :mrgreen:

7. tools like eselect make too much sense. i dont know why others are not using them by default.

8.the total community here is pretty awsome. from users, maintainers, devs etc answers come quick and most problems worked out quickly.

9. i have a high opinion of a few distros and for various reasons i multi-boot and split my time between them, but i think sabayon gives me the highest percentage of what im looking for and gets the majority of my time as a result.
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Re: Why do you use Sabayon?

Post by raman » Thu Mar 17, 2011 17:59

1. It's rolling distro. This is my way, one install and instantly upgrade.
2. It's distro with binary packages, but unlike Gentoo it don't need compiling everything. So you have almost binary code in nice packages. A wide range of packages and if you want all Gentoo World is open for you.
3. It's elastic distro, it don't have rigid frame, but have rigid skeleton, so core is very stable and everything around what you need is instalable and you can do your modifications.
4. Have good potential to be more beautiful and userfriendly and not cut possibility advanced users to do, what they want, with theirs way.
5. It's very stable, the most issuses are linked around programs and X-windows, not the Sabayon core and structure. So updates programs are correcting issue instantly.
6. It's not heavy, it's fast.
7. Developers are listening and listening very carefully. Yes, they have their ideas and their way, but they are adapting and evolving with all community. It's very fast proccess, I'm very impressed. Open minds - nice.

So why Sabayon, not another distros? Still I'm installing new distros and new version of old distros. I was using Red Hat (old free Red Hat), later Mandrake, later Mandriva over 15 years. I installed OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, Mint Debian Edition, Fedora, Puppy, PCLinuxOS, MEPIS, Zenwalk, Zorin and another distros. I tried Sabayon with Gnome, Kde, LXDE, Xfce, etc....Today I have Sabayon, LMDE and OpenSuse.
But Sabayon it's my primary distro and for first install, is always on my primary partition. I'm a prospector, explorer, I'm instantly looking for another distros for some new ideas, new ways.
Really, I'm not a expert, so I'm watching distros with my noobie eyes. In this eyes, Sabayon is very stable, solid and what is very important to me it's very, very elastic with much space to expand.
That's all.

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