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Post by cvill64 » Fri Nov 24, 2006 4:18

hmm...that is nice to know! Translations are always welcome :D

also, I'm going to go ahead and open those up. Do well and be nice and you'll find yourself moderators soonly ;)

til then, let me know if there is any abuse and I'll take care of it til then :)

and if you can, if you need more help, just use english over here, I can figure out crappy english easier than I can french! :roll: since I don't know how many speakers of each we have, I prefer english, but w/e, just translate the good ones! and let me know if there are any really knowledable ones or maybe just translat the ones for us that need more help :)

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Post by turquoise » Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:34

Thank you and we'll try our best to be nice, promised! :)

For the translations, well, like I said, I have no particular plan and that's why I was asking everyone if there was any urgent need. This is probably the area where I can help the most because while I'm not a translator by trade, I work in the field and even did a few ones with the help of computer-assisted translation programs. I'm more used to dispatch documents to be translated than translating them tough! :lol:

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