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quick question

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 20:55
by donkey42
where do i find the minimum hardware requirements of Sabayon ?

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 23:38
by cvill64
umm...not really up anywhere, working on better documentation :)

but PII or PIII and 256MB of ram I would suggest for the minimum

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 23:41
by anagor
I believe practically anything that can run distro's like Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenSuse, Gentoo (which is what Sabayon os based on) or
any machine that can run windows 95.
However if you wish to run it with aiglx or xgl (the opengl graphical interface) then you will need some newer hardware with opengl capable video card (nvidia 5600 or better for example).

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 9:59
by donkey42
thank you