Projectors and other peripherals

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Baby Hen
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Projectors and other peripherals

Post by steven_abel » Wed Oct 25, 2006 14:03

Can anyone answer this? I have SL 3.0 and want to use a projector. The projector
doesn't pick up my laptop (i.e. "no signal") even though it will if I use the windows partition. I have
a new kernel (I had to rebuild it to install ipw3945) but don't think I have unselected
anything but some wireless support from my .config file. Any clues what might be wrong?
Do I need to select something else in my kernel to get this to work? Should this work?
FYI I have a sony viao sz1xp if it helps


Sagely Hen
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Post by cvill64 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 21:51

you need to add an entry into xorg.conf for your projector, search around for what you need on google or gentoo-wiki and you'll find the correct entry

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