How does this work? [Solved]

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Re: How does this work? [Solved]

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Sat Jun 06, 2009 22:22

Marking this thread solved, as the questions in the original post have been answered.
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Re: How does this work? [Solved]

Postby iceman600 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:04

i love the way u explain things Fitzcarraldo.... :lol: Im really leaning so mch about your post... Do u have a Blog or something that i can follow about Linux :lol:

BTW i read all the links you provide on my post about devtools... im really on to dive to the Portage stage. So on my machine i sync emerge and layman (emerge --sync && layman -S)

after a few more reading about the portage i read here somewhere that sometimes the version of the installed apps are diffrent an what on entropy and on portage. so sometimes it downgrades the app on an update.

1. so my one big question is how will i prevent this from happening on my system?
2. if i do an update then i have to update the two (equo and emerge) if conflict arrises i want to retain the updated version.
3. is there a way to make the emerge update more superior than the equo. What i mean is, if there is an update (emerge and equo) i will always have the updated version.

Thanks Again....
This is a Great Learning Experience... Feels like my Brain is working again... :mrgreen:
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Re: How does this work? [Solved]

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:37

Glad you find my posts useful. I wish I had the time to blog, but don't have enough time or the energy to do it justice.

Portage is powerful but you can bork your installation if you're not careful, so take things slowly.

When you use the emerge --sync command it is updating the package ebuilds (Portage scripts) on your HDD from the Gentoo ebuild repositories, i.e. it is synchronising (adding, updating or deleting) the ebuilds of specific packages with the ebuilds in the Portage repositories 'main tree'. When you use the layman -S command it is updating the package ebuilds on your HDD from all the third-party overlays that you have added (subscribed to), i.e. it is synchronising the ebuilds of specific packages with the ebuilds in the repositories of the various Portage overlays. As the only third-party overlay you are currently subscribed to is the Sabayon overlay, the command layman -S has the same effect as the command layman -s sabayon.

Usually the versions of the packages in Entropy are the same as in Portage because joost builds the packages for the Entropy repository frequently from the Portage packages (main tree and Sabayon overlay). However, sometimes there can be a newer version of a package in Portage until the next build for the Entropy repository is done. You can stop Entropy downgrading packages installed via Portage - see the following SL Wiki article and SL Forums threads for details:

HOWTO: Safely mix Entropy and Portage

Masking and Unmasking Packages in Entropy

Preventing entropy from downgrading portage packages

entropy in gentoo

N.B. You may have noticed what appears to be a contradiction: some posts/articles say you must avoid editing the /etc/make.conf file if you use Entropy, whilst others say Entropy does not use /etc/make.conf on your PC as the Entropy packages have already been compiled for you. Both statements are correct. The reason is that, if you make changes to /etc/make.conf (let's say you add or delete a USE flag) and then you install/update ("merge") a package using Portage, it is possible that the package you merged may not work correctly with another application or library that was built for the Entropy repository using the initial (different) /etc/make.conf. I write "may", not "will", because it depends on the specific packages and USE flags; in some cases there will be no adverse effect. This is why knowledge and experience are needed.

One of the useful ways to use Portage if you are an Entropy user is to install ("merge") a package that does not exist in the Entropy repository.This could be either a package in a third-party overlay (you can see a list of all the overlays by using the command layman -L), or in a local overlay that you create on your HDD. An example of the former is the package Docky (see Error when emerging Docky from "Steev" overlay [Solved]); an example of the latter is the package Toribash (see Is there anyone running Toribash Multiplayer?). Of course the easiest thing to do is to submit a request for the package to be built and added to the Entropy repository. Sometimes, though, you may want to merge it yourself if you are in a hurry or you want to add a feature that is not included in the version in the Entropy repository (see, for a couple of examples, the threads how to make a default language for every program? [Solved] and JRE in OpenOffice Not recognized).
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