SL basic = other linux advanced ??

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SL basic = other linux advanced ??

Postby WarraWarra » Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:29

Just been looking at a few free linux online courses and it seems the basics here with us is advanced or hardcore / developer on most other linux distro's knowledge or skill wise.
The basic or intermediate course material is stuff we do several times a day on the side so either the standards is messed up or the learning curve here / gentoo is fairly high.

It was a bit tricky in the begining for me but had a few years messing with slax and mandrake so was a bit easier.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject as I presume it is failry difficult for most new users jumping from Microsoft to SL or other linux distro's to SL.

I was thinking maybe we should link to some of the free training courses to help some of the new guy's get a hang on linux / what we do here otherwise they learn one part of something instead the whole of how to do things.

Here is some links:

Several links on this page as well. ... nline.html
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Re: SL basic = other linux advanced ??

Postby throdon » Sun Apr 12, 2009 20:28

some reasons why sabayon is intermediate:
our mother distro (gentoo)is very hard on new people, and some say they do not like us(try mentioning sabayon on their forum and what you get is a flame war and a locked thread).

as a distro hopper our numbering system only tells a version number. example Sabayon 4.1lite MCE compared to Sabayon 2009.01 rc1 lite MCE. the 2009.01 gives you a date and this tells you a lot of intangibles like its already 3 months old, how many newbies can tell how old 4rc1 is? How many newbies can look and find the answer to this question.

we also are said to be bloated and yes we are but sabayon is ready for everything I can throw at it out of the box. example flash, java, libdvd,
sabayon DVD to me is a distro like knoppix 5.3 everything is included but do you really use everything? I never do.
the install is a little long but a rock solid desktop that cant be beat. too bad we cant get more press. too bad our mother hates us. they should continue putting out minimal CDs and we should be full blown gentoo, it makes me said that our relation is so bad when clearly we would be greater than the sum of our parts.

we are a small comunity 17932 registered compared to 135070 at gentoo and possibly millions for ubuntu. our support is kind of limited, sure the docs esp gentoo are amazing but throw a newbie to gentoo and chances are he will leave for something easier.

most newbies dont know how to search. It took me about a year reading the forums daily to really get a good grasp of wording your questions so that you will get the right answer, most newbies say things like computer broke need someone to hold my hand and wipe my rear end. as a small community we can not hold hands like a bigger distro can
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Re: SL basic = other linux advanced ??

Postby mdmarmer » Mon Apr 13, 2009 15:01

Yes, those are good books.

Look here also ... Part1.html

And the best one, tho old, is

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Re: SL basic = other linux advanced ??

Postby valczir » Mon Apr 20, 2009 15:36

Wait, gentoo hates sabayon? When did this happen?

I've been chatting with people in the gentoo IRC, and I never got any flak for using sabayon. Weird.
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Re: SL basic = other linux advanced ??

Postby Thev00d00 » Mon Apr 20, 2009 17:40

You can find somebody in gentoo that hates anything! Haha
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