SabayonLinux: black screen problems

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Post by WarraWarra » Wed Jul 11, 2007 21:28

Interesting. Black screen might be the video ram running out or ram related not sure anything is possible.

gkrellm is nice for temp readings / monitoring as well as fan speed control .

acpi , cpufreqd lm_sensors , basically use kuroo and type in monitor or cpu or fan etc and install most of the ones you think can work.

If the nvidia driver is working properly then using gkrellm , it has a option under sensors to show nvidia temp as well , even nvidia control panel ("emerge -s nvidia" should be nvidia-settings) has a temp monitoring / control part if not already installed / using it.

Fan speed control for a laptop = highest priority. If desktop pc them gkrellm should control the fans or using "fancontrol" to adjust / make nice.

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Post by Ron.W » Thu Jul 12, 2007 17:46

Just updated beryl to 0.2.1, which gives me up to 15 windows without getting black window contents. This is much better than before, and I can live with these limits. At least, now I have the beryl diamond in the upper bar and the new settings manager. Suspend to ram and wake up still works fine.

Interesting thing about the temps: While compiling the packages, this NB did an emergency shutoff due to overheat twice. I had to wait for cooling down its bowels and resume emerge afterwards. BIOS obviously doesn't handle processor slowdown on overheat properly on its own... Finally I used my vacuum cleaner to cool down its brains :twisted:
No idea how to compile a complete new kernel under that conditions.


P.S: beryl-dbus package must be unmerged for this update. I've read it isn't needed any longer.

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Post by WarraWarra » Thu Jul 12, 2007 22:34

You might be able to using -j1 or max -j2 as it should be cpu+1 so if yours should be -j3 then using -j2 is good but slower / cooler.

Alternatively you can using a live cd / dvd or even from another linux distro compile it.
Then you would have all the working modules loaded as well as fan control hopefully, it is very hit or miss with fans.

I have compiled gentoo from scratch while in distro and fans blowing using this gentoo guide.
Chrooted into new from scratch distro and did all that was needed but chroot parts should all be done for it to work. ... xml?full=1

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