Sabaiyon Linux better than Kubuntu?

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Re: Sabaiyon Linux better than Kubuntu?

Post by joe3 » Mon Oct 27, 2008 17:25

OK Since I am a dedicated multi-boot kinda guy who STILL has Kubuntu Hardy ready and waiting on my bootmenu... [And I'm a long time kde user...] I'll byte.

I do usualy run sabayon (currently 3.5 stable)... However It's easier to keep my Kubuntu up to date. I also keep a working install of OpenSuSE (I think it's 11.0)
available as well. I like having another distro ready to use in case something gets broke... Currently however the only issue I have with hardy using kde 3.5 is that sound is initialized with a speaker hiss...

Well that and the intence anti-root login bias of all the gui tools.

Not that that bothers me much, I tend to access my admin functions via
su -c mc
And once I learned to add the targetpw flag to the sudo defaults it's all good...

But I wanted to add my two cents worth to the kde / vs / gnome thing:

I selected kde a long time ago. No not because I thought everything worked the way I wanted. But because when I needed to do an unfamilier task I could usualy count on the kmenu to point me at a reasonable choice. And I soon learned to fire up kcontrol from a command line... I could do almost everything with the keyboard and only resort to the mouse occasionaly. I've never really liked the rodent you see...

I did try gnome once. I had been using something by redhat, could have been redhat 9 or fedora core 1, and noticed that it had a strong bias towards my using gnome. But while I was trying to find out how to do a few things I kept getting helpful instructions that the way to do things was to right click on something and... no they didn't know how to do it from a menu I didn't have to right click to get to... They couldn't imagine that I didn't want to have to remember where to right click with a graphic pointing device which they probably didn't believe I'd actualy have to dust before using...

On the other hand. I also tried kde4 once and ran back screaming to kde{3.x}
It was Kubuntu's intrepid alpha 6. I didn't expect that eveything would work right. It was after all an alpha. But I didn't like what it wants to do to my desktop. I disable all desktop icons. I select a different photo image for the background on each of 4 kde "desktops" I use the keyboard to open/close/minimize and switch focus to/from applications. When I'm done doing a task, and I've minimized anything I didn't exit, I like to see the whole screen filled with nothing but my chosen background (excluding the pannel/taskbar) No on screen wigits. No icons.

I do not think that replacing the pop-up kde 3.x would present you with while setting (keyboard shortcuts for example) with something like a pop-up that redraws the list so graphicly is an improvement. I especialy don't like that it's more dependant on doing such things with the mouse. With kde 3.x I could use <alt>+n to clear the shortcut for functions I didn't want shortcuted. And with 2 more hot keys to set either the default shortcut or to start the pop-up to input a new one, I only needed the mouse if I wanted to set 2 shortcuts to the same function. With kde4 I had to keep switching my attention to the mouse....

Maybe the alpha rendition of how kde4 works is the problem. But if I'm going to have to get used to a [right click intensive/{fsck keyboard methods all to hel^Hck}] mentality to use kde4, I might as well look into gnome again.

Thankfuly I CAN still use kde3.x...


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Re: Sabaiyon Linux better than Kubuntu?

Post by bearbonez » Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:23

thenthenio wrote:Graphic acceleration never drops down (Cairo-Dock is sometimes a little bit choppy but perfectly usable)
Might be worth trying out Avant-Window-Manager, works perfectly on KDE 3.5.9 on my machines
There's a how-to on the wiki ... ator_(AWN)
Then you can drag icons straight off the kicker and drop them into AWN ;-)

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Re: Sabaiyon Linux better than Kubuntu?

Post by thenthenio » Fri Nov 21, 2008 23:53

I tried both (AWN and Cairo) but I do prefer Cairo.


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Re: Sabaiyon Linux better than Kubuntu?

Post by letoad » Tue Nov 25, 2008 15:15

I do not believe in bashing any particular distro as bad. I think each has it positives and negatives and will appeal to different tastes.
Done with clearing the air.
I have tried many different distros and since last year I have been coming back and forth with Sabayon.
In that time, I have used OpenSuse, Debian, Kubuntu 7.04 and Mandrake Linux.
OpenSuse - Not a bad Distro, Package management has improved but still not 100%,Good Control Center, Can be a bit slow, very Polished Gnome and KDE implementations
Debian - Recommended for Servers, For Desktop use OK but other distros are better
Kubuntu/Ubuntu 8.10 - It Sucks, Does not even boot on my current hardware, when every other I have tried worked.
Mandrake - Will have its fans, but the look and feel not my taste, Packages available seem a bit limited.

Sabayon 3.5 - Most things worked out of the box, Only issue was with Atheros card ( Solved with madwifi sources), A new user to Linux would be blown away by the defualt KDE Desktop

I have always used KDE since 2001. I am what you call a die-hard fan even now. KDE is a Desktop on steroids - the functionality it offers cannot be beat by any I have tested.
Why then am I using Gnome ? I am not really a Gnome fan. I have tried it several times in the past and went running back to KDE.
Call it the Weather or maybe I am getting old but GNOME simply works. It is an elegant, simple desktop. Sometimes I would have some strange freezes or crashes with Konqueror.
But I was willing to live with. After my last KDE3.5 to KDE 4.1.2 (OpenSuse) Upgrade disaster. I decided to reinstall very minimalistic Sabayon 3.5 with Gnome.
Verdict it works and works very well. My machine is unbelievably responsive, even starting OpenOffice ( 3.0) is quick.
Word of Advice: - Do not mix package managers either equo or portage. Do not blindly upgrade/update. While I maybe using Gnome 2.24 , I was very selective on what was updated.
if it ain't broke, leave it alone.

just my 2 cents. I have finally settled on a home distro. :D
Sabayon Linux 3.5 X86_64 (Gnome 2.24)
Mainboard: Asus Crosshair Am2
Processor: AMD X2 5000 Black Edition (3.1 Ghz)
RAM: Corsair 4 GB DDR2 800
Video Card: Gainward 8600GT 256MB

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