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Re: stunning

Post by chickpea » Thu May 08, 2008 19:47

Please lock this and let's move on. No time to waste with these type of bozos.. :roll:

It is a REAL testament to how much we try to help out people that wolfden posted that LENGTHY response. Those who don't know wolfden, he (rightly)has little patience for people who simply refuse to search first and ask questions later.

ignorant != stupid. Ignorant is not necessarily an insult. Wilfully ignorant on the other hand, is.

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Re: stunning

Post by xlnagla » Fri May 09, 2008 0:58

I've been watching this thread with growing horror.

Okay neighborlee (and all you others who have similar sentiments, for I doubt neighborlee's ever coming back), I'll admit, much to Rand.a's chagrin, that vertigo was a tad irritating with the whole parroting thing that was going on. And that would have bothered me as well. But you have to keep in mind that ANYONE can go on the IRC and do whatever they want. Have you seen vertigo posting around here? Well neither have I. We probably shouldn't have just called you ignorant and called it a day, that's for sure. As for mean elitists, pretty much everything you've seen here is a bunch of people responding to having mud flung at them, and instinctively defending their statements and the statements of their comrades. Look around at the posts here, and try to find 5 different people who have 50+ posts and are mean when they're helping. I have personally e-mailed someone about their phrasing when responding to a post asking for help, and I will continue doing that in the future. But in my (admittedly brief) time here as a mod so far, I've only seen this as necissary ONCE.

As for your comment about the whole elitist desktop equality battle, go to #windows some time.

And just as a side note, there was a time when Lxnay personally interviened to prevent something like this from occuring... very similar circumstances. Wolfden was in Rand.a's place, and I think that it occurred even before c0nv1ct's time :wink: .

Topic locked. pm us if you still have more to say.