Where can I find sys-kernel/sabayon-sources details?

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Where can I find sys-kernel/sabayon-sources details?

Post by anomalizer » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:18

I'd like to know the following things about the sabayon kernel:
  • Which base kernel goes into a version
  • Which gentoo patchset goes into a version
  • What are the patches added by sabayon
  • What is the release cycle policy for pullling in kernel.org patches (like and gentoo patchsets
The ebuild does not seem to have any useful link

Sagely Hen
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Re: Where can I find sys-kernel/sabayon-sources details?

Post by WarraWarra » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:59

For 3.4 cd size / "mini" :
http://www.sabayonlinux.org/forum/viewt ... 60&t=10483

For 3.4F dvd:
http://www.sabayonlinux.org/forum/viewt ... 60&t=10130

It is gentoo based so anything you can do in gentoo you can do here as well.

Releases happen as is needed and updates = portage / emerge and source code.

Hope this answers your question.

Kernel source :
As root in terminal
# emerge -s sabayon-sources
then install it using
# emerge sabayon-sources
See also "emerge --help"

Remeber to on new install:
emerge --sync ; emerge portage ; layman -S
As this should update both portage tree / current file list / installer = portage "emerge" if using text and portage on desktop for gui / updte the Sabayon gentoo subversion.

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