Hello, a few questions

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Hello, a few questions

Postby producer » Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:25


Ok, I have been using Linux for about a year now and find myself wanting. I thought about going Gentoo, but I like Sabayon better. I have a few questions, I would like to install the lite version and then add whatever I want, however it says portage is not included, how do I add portage? Spritz wont work without it right? I want to compile things like WINE from source as I have heard that it works better when you do so.

Anyway I am going to Sabayon again, I like gaming and I normally configure wine to play WIN games.

Any advice b4 I get started, on Sabayon?

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Re: Hello, a few questions

Postby albfneto » Mon Mar 12, 2018 20:51

you had installed a new Sabayon days ago

do you had viewed old documentation? because Spritz no more exists. It is now called RIGO and is a GUI por entropy, the sabayon package manager....

do you ask for a "Lite" version. at the level of my knownledge, all the sabayon ISOs contain entropy and also contains portage....

You may use portage in sabayon,


but this in not necessary, entropy is the main package manager. In my oppinion, Portage is useful for compile packages or versions that are not available in entropy. In modern comps (with large RAM) the difference in performance is not high, between packages that are compiled with Portage, or the precompiled Entropy packages.

what "lite" you need? the sabayon lite versions are: minimal, server, spinbase and tarball. Spinbase is for make new ISOs using molecule; minimal is the sabayon only with graphics and fluxbox, server is for servers etc...


the more recent sabayons are the daily builds... see in you nearly mirror:

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