Keyboard problems

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Keyboard problems

Post by esc » Mon Aug 27, 2007 21:44

I've tried Sabayon 3.4a and 3.4e (both 64 bit version). Both times I had the same problem my keyboard. Sometimes it does not work other times it works. Example: I try to open Portato (I think thats the name) and then the keyboard is dead, I can't type anything. But if I close Portato and open OpenOffice then the keyboard works. Its very strange and I hope I can get a little help..


Baby Hen
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Re: Keyboard problems

Post by UncleArnie » Thu Dec 06, 2007 20:49

OK - I too have the same issue. No matter what keyboard I use - it will work in a Text app but not in a Terminal or Portato etc. I cannot get into anything that requires keyboard entry. If I reboot, I can type text into a Term Window - ONCE then if I close the session and open it again - NO KEYBOARD.

I don't see that anyone has responded to this issue for the originator ( eSc ) -
If anyone has a solution or at least can instruct on what to look for and where - would be big help.
This Distro looks very interesting, but if there is no fix for keyboard issues - there is no way to use the Distro effectively.

I've tried both USB and PS2 type keyoards.

The system is a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz system with 1 gig RAM and a 128 MB Nvidia FX5200 Graphic card.

Another ODD issue is that I cannot drag windows around the screen !!

I don't like to give up so easy - so can anyone please help ??

Sabayon is installed on the HD not running LIVE !!

Thank you.

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