old Nvidia

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old Nvidia

Post by asukaki » Wed Oct 21, 2020 18:59

I am using an msi ge 620 dx laptop.
Two video cards available external Nvidia gt635 and my internal intel video card. Since the Nvidia driver is old, Sabayon is not supported on linux, so it remains on the black screen after installation.
I do not need to use nvidia, but it is not disabled from bios and its removal is quite troublesome.
So is there any way I can only use my intel graphics card when I install Sabayon, if I don't install nvidia?

Is there a solution ?

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Re: old Nvidia

Post by sabayonino » Fri Oct 23, 2020 20:28

You can try to blacklist nvidia-drivers (and nouveau)


Code: Select all

# keep nvidia-drivers working, sorry nouveau
#blacklist nouveau
#blacklist nvidia
and remove all nvidia-drivers installed

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# equo rm nvidia-drivers --ask
then mask all nvidia-drivers versions
Pre-run :

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# cp -a /etc/entropy/packages/package.mask.example /etc/entropy/packages/package.mask

Code: Select all

# equo mask nvidia-drivers
Intel VGA drivers should be loaded by Xorg

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