Sound pops and cracks

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Re: Sound pops and cracks

Post by msdobrescu » Fri Jul 26, 2019 10:24

Hello, any news on the matter?
Stupot, does it happen to have some USB bridge cards in some disk enclosure connected to the PC and powered on when the pops occur?
I have two, on a different controller than the soundcard, but playing from the two bridge cards.
The cards are based on JMicron chips, that had an old firmware, I call those "first generation firmware".
They had an issue I've found lately - could not support larger than 4TB disks unless the firmware was upgraded to a "second generation firmware".
After this, the pops disappeared.

Off topic, being JMS539 chips, have a sleep timer, that render the devices in an unrecoverable state, until the power down and on again, but I was lucky enough to solve the problem with the cards manufacturer (Lycom) that worked side by side with me and insisted to JMicron to get a "sleepless" firmware, despite the chips end of life was declared 4 years ago by JMicron.
I've seen a lot of trouble with these chips, and newer, regarding this sleep policy (probably due to the new environmental laws, but incorrectly applied technically speaking, IMHO). I hope you'll have the same chance with yours too, if it's the case.
For an idea, look here: ... SB-Devices

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Re: Sound pops and cracks

Post by Stupot » Tue Aug 13, 2019 14:38

I happened across this article today and I'm hopeful, because it matches my system specs (AMD, Ryzen, X370). Not sure if you'll fall into the same boat. ... t-Audio-WA

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