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Apple iPhone [Solved]

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:27
by shade304
Current problem is plugging the iPhone into results in a prompt "Trust this computer? and of course saying yes only asks again and again... I noticed that it doesn't fail on all my computers, making it even more frustrating!

First thing, make sure you are a member of the fuse group, if not, join and log out and back in, when in the endless loop of trust this computer, select trust-then unplug the phone. Now push the top button of the phone to lock and turn off the screen, and plug the iphone back in. Notice the screen is still black and it didn't ask any questions! Open shotwell and you should notice that you can click on the iPhone, and operate as usual. Not sure what makes this go buggy, but it seems to be related to plugging the phone in while the screen is on.

Re: Apple iPhone

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:56
by shade304
Also make sure in Network Manager under the iPhone Ethernet adapter the "connect automatically" option is disabled.

Sometimes it will still show the trust confirmation again, just select trust and before it has time to ask again lock the phone, click continue as many times as it comes up in shotwell and wait 30 seconds, it will calm down and shotwell can continue.