Suggestions about use - ATI Video Board Proprietary Drivers.

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Suggestions about use - ATI Video Board Proprietary Drivers.

Post by albfneto » Sat Sep 14, 2013 15:34

These are directions for Users that need to use Proprietary ATI Drivers in Sabayon.

Although the Free Driver works easier:


, certain users need GPU Calculations, therefore they are obliged to use the Proprietary Drivers.

1) Please, install following these directions:

viewtopic.php?f=56&t=28808&start=30&hil ... y+step+ati

The newer drivers are compatible with the newer kernels (as 3.11), Remember that the conditions (examples blacklisted radeon, nomodeset Cheat-Code etc,,,) are mandatory and cannot be modified in the procedures described below.


but sometimes, you may loose the control of the mouse and keyboard, or loose X and 3D acceleration.

If this is your Issue,you may solve using this procedure:

2) Make the Boot in your old Kernel. even you is without X.

3) The comp booted, update the repositories:

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# equo up
4) See the names of the latest Kernel and ATI Driver:

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$ equo s linux-sabayon ati-drivers
Annotate the names and the drivers names, the newer

5) Then, "force" the system to use the last kernel. (Remenber that you is booting on older kernel):

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$ eselect kernel list
# eselect kernel set NUMBER OF THE LATEST KERNEL
6) then re-install the kernel ant the drivers:

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# equo i linux-sabayon-XXXX ati-drivers-YYYY ati userspace
XXXX and YYYY are tthe designative of the latest versions, in this example:

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# equo i sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.12.1 x11-drivers/ati-drivers-13.9#3.12.0-sabayon ati-userspace
7) More simply, instead od 6) ,try to change the Kernel and driver with Kernel-Switcher:

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# kernel-switcher switch COMPLETE NAME OF THE LATEST KERNEL
8) Then re adjust the configs for new kernel and new driver:

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$ eselect kernel list (see the more recent kernel)
# eselect kernel set number of the latest kernel
$ eselect bzimage list
# eselect bzimage set the latest bzimage
# eselect opencl set amd
#eselect opengl set ati



8) Repeat the steps 2 to 5, then try manually to force the installation of the newer kernel and driver, but without deps or other kernels, using these commands:

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This practical example clears:

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$ equo s linux-sabayon

The latest kernel is:

$ equo s ati-drivers

The latest Driver is:
The Command for install is:

# equo i sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.11 x11-drivers/ati-drivers-13.8_beta2#3.11.0-sabayon x11-drivers/ati-userspace-13.8_beta2 --nodeps
9) At this point, you need to check that all is good, and need to set the 3d Acceleration:

Code: Select all

$ eselect kernel list

The Kernel should be setted to 3.11, if not:

# eselect kernel set NUMBER OF THE KERNEL 3.11

$ eselect bzimage list

If necessary, set to the bzimage of the Kernel 3.11:

# eselect bzimage set NUMBER OF THEBZIMAGE 3.11

Setting Graphical Acceleration (sometimes, it was changed auto to xorg, see with the command:
 "eselect opengl list")

# eselect opengl set ati
# eselect opencl  set amd
10) Now, reboot the computer, choosing the latest Kernel in the Grub.

If working (after Step 1 or if necessary, 2 to 10) then mask the Kernel and the Drivers for no upgrade:

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sudo equo mask linux-sabayon ati-drivers ati-userspace
My Objective is try to Help people that need to use the Proprietary Drivers for ATI, that are somewhat problematic in new Kernels.
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