Installation Asus N56VZ [Solved]

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Installation Asus N56VZ [Solved]

Post by Referner » Fri Aug 23, 2013 22:09

I have Asus N56VZ, and i boot livecd Sabayón Linux 13.08 i have black scrreen ... Xwindow no work ...

Could someone help me?

What data is needed to solve my problem?

Thx... :) :)
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Baby Hen
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Re: Installation Asus N56VZ

Post by paven » Fri Sep 13, 2013 15:12

I had the same issue, a simple solution:
in the boot menu of Sabayon Linux, press F5 and select "nomodeset", then press Esc to close the menu and press Enter to Start Sabayon Linux (or Start installation).
alternatively if you dont see the menu, you can type

Code: Select all

at the end of the boot command and press Enter.

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