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Re: step-by-step solution for most users with ATI cards [Sol

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 10:05
by Sonnersen
Thank you, I'll try later (I don't have a live cd at moment).

Re: step-by-step solution for most users with ATI cards [Sol

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 11:55
by anomaly65

Hope it helps. As they say, "been there, done that..." and didn't enjoy the experience! (same can be said for nvidia at various times as well).

If you have a decent sized USB stick, you can "equo install unetbootin" (available for linux & MS windows I believe) and google for the instructions, I find it much easier to keep handy (no scratches) and upgrade or downgrade or erase for other use any time. You can choose a lesser (e.g. xfce, very lightweight) ISO and still complete the repair as the kernel and libraries needed are identical.

If any questions, feel free to ask or drop a PM.



Re: step-by-step solution for most users with ATI cards [Sol

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:05
by anomaly65
Just tried this again today (12nov2013) on "yet another box" made with leftover parts to leave at "mom's place" so I don't feel the need to lug laptop & tablet & chromebook any time I drop by for a visit. thinking I might install Sabayon on her system next week too, why not, bet she'd be fine with it as long as her favorite solitaire program runs under wine :lol:

Guess some motherboards, quad core cpus and such just refuse to die, as long as fans and other moving parts are replaced once in a while :D Add cheap case and another PC is ready to go.....mostly.

Tried the recipe on fresh install, moved from onboard amd 785g chipset graphics to a cheap 54xx series ati card (performance not the issue, just need to drive an HD resolution monitor, and the open source driver on the 785 chipset would cause kwin to freeze when coming out of sleep mode, this new card was a random 1Gbyte 54x0 model for $10-15 after rebate or something. dirt cheap). Result: 100% running desktop with fglrx drivers (ati-drivers) doing the work on an ati board.

The Recipe still works fine, thanks to many folks who helped search various issues and such. Hope it is still helpful to everyone out there. Now if only I could snag a nice nvidia titan (need 2x dual dvi links for 2x IPS monitors for my desktop at home) on the cheap, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Once the amd R290's with less noisy cooling solutions come along, those certainly might be tempting too 8)