KDE startup 2 min freeze with nvidia-drivers

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KDE startup 2 min freeze with nvidia-drivers

Post by Zenchy » Sat Nov 17, 2012 16:31

I installed the latest nvidia-drivers and everything works fine. I use Twinview with Xinerama which loads as it should

on startup KDE freezes after login for 2 minutes, after that the system runs fine.
its not the gpu, because Cairo-dock with opengl runs with effects before freeze. yakuake (drop down terminal) also works, just the desktop - menu and other KDE stuff freezes.

This not the biggest problem, because afterwards the system runs fine. but i would like to use my PC just right after startup :)

In the system settings there is some clue whats maybe going wrong on startup:

DVI- 0 and 1 are empty while the correct settings are in 2 and 3
I started up looking in /etc/init.d/x-setup and worked through the starting process but could not find any clue.

So I hope someone has a similar problem and solved it already and might help me :)

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Re: KDE startup 2 min freeze with nvidia-drivers

Post by anomaly65 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 19:53

Hi, not sure if this helps, but you may try to create a new user account for test purposes and see if the problem is still present.

Twinview & xinerama aren't compatible together, twinview is the proper "substitute" or equivalent of xinerama. install nvidia-settings as well to tune your setup accordingly.

If not, it's worthy to backup ~/.kde* and copy /etc/skel/.kde* to ~/ (change user:group ownerships to match) and re-personalize from there.

I've found over time, once in a while a file becomes corrupted after numerous system upgrades and a clean slate/start is warranted.

and of course as root

Code: Select all

 eselect opengl nvidia
although I doubt that's the issue 8)

Good luck!!
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