2.6.39 + ATI Radeon HD 4570 + fglrx

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2.6.39 + ATI Radeon HD 4570 + fglrx

Postby OOPMan » Fri Jun 10, 2011 15:56

Right, here-in I shall chronicle my recent woes with 2.6.39 and the fglrx video driver.

So, about 2 weeks back 2.6.39 entered the mainline entropy tree. I promptly updated to using kernel-switched and all was good. I proceeded to run 2.6.39 + fglrx for about 4 days with no issues. At that point, I was playing around in the ATI Catalyst Control Center tool when I happened to enable Tear-Free Desktop.

My system immediately froze and upon restart X would fail to start, locking the machine and displaying a garbled image. Further restarts proved no more lucky and I was forced to switch to the radeon video driver. Even purging the ATI drivers, user and Control Center packages and then re-installing had no effect.

A few days later (Sunday 12th I think) some updates to the ATI driver appeared in entropy. Following installation of the updated packages I was once more able to use fglrx.

That is, until I took my laptop in to work on the 14th. At home I operate a dual-head arrangement whereas at the office I just use the laptop by itself. On starting up the laptop at work I was once more greeted by a hard-locking X with garbled image. Once again I was forced to switch back to the radeo video driver in order to keep operating.

I know there are issues with 2.6.39 and fglrx but I this is a little ridiculous mainly because it works for a bit and then dies horribly a few days later.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues or am I along in this?
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