No X when booting LIVEDVD

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No X when booting LIVEDVD

Post by smev9 » Mon Jul 21, 2008 17:25


i would like to give sabayon a try, since i enjoyed 3.4 a lot. But unfortunately the LiveDVD does not function properly on my machine. Problem is, it won't start the X Server and leave me at bash or ash or whatever the LiveDVD provides.

My System is Asus p5b, dualcore2, sata hd, ati radeon 1950 pro, Sony CRT 22" (cpd-g500).

Since X fails more or less on other systems, too (ubuntu, openSuse, arch) is suspect my graphic card / Xorg to be the problem.

I know you like details like error logs, but i wanted to state the problem and see, which information would be needed.

I googled some and searched forums and do hope not to be #132 on the same subject


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Re: No X when booting LIVEDVD

Post by wolfden » Tue Jul 22, 2008 0:12

did u try the cheat codes for problematic hardware in the wiki?

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