Mouse/Keyboard Detection on LiveCD

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Mouse/Keyboard Detection on LiveCD

Post by tigerbenedict » Fri Jun 20, 2008 18:40


I'm running Windows Vista (32-bit version) on an HP computer with an HP keyboard and mouse. I wanted to try the Sabayon MiniLiveCD. I can boot from CD to the grub menu and use my keyboard to select boot options just fine. However, when I select the first option to try the LiveCD without installing, Sabayon loads up and asks me whether I want to use XGL, AIGLX, etc. However, neither my keyboard nor my mouse works, so I'm forced to hard powering down.

Anyone know what the problem can be? I'm using the latest version of Mini Sabayon.


Edit: No better luck with any of the other boot options (debug mode, console mode, ...). And, just to clarify, both the keyboard and mouse use PS/2 connections.

I also had the same problem when trying the Ubuntu LiveCD, but I've had success with LiveCDs before on other machines (Dell and eMachines using Windows XP).

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Re: Mouse/Keyboard Detection on LiveCD

Post by xlnagla » Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:51

the console mode doesn't work at all, you say? 3.4 mini should have ssh on it (correct me if I'm wrong someone) so if you're on a local area network with another computer, you can use ssh [email protected] (assuming another sabayon machine) or use putty if you've only got another windows machine. If you can get in, plug and unplug your keyboard and mouse and press a few keys, see if anything shows up in the log that we can work with. Also try using interactive boot (press ctrl-alt-f1 or alt-f1 and I at the appropriate moment) to see if your keyboard initially works and is only having issues with X or a later-loaded program.


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