Dell vostro 1000 issuses

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Dell vostro 1000 issuses

Post by srdempster » Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:09

Two problem's it installs ok but after successfully ndiswrappering my windows broadcom wlan driver (bcm 934111mcg) i cannot enable it as the networking interface is missing to link wlan to the ndiswrapper driver (please help) and I also get no sound as a super user but sound on root!!

Help Steve
Steve run's a Dell Vostro 1000 with Dell WLAN 1390 and ATI x1150 Graphics Card. New to linux tried Ubuntu,Suse and Fedora but like's look of Sabayon. Tips and help appreciated.

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Re: Dell vostro 1000 issuses

Post by altered_mind » Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:57

Hi: I just got my Vostro 1000 approx 2 weeks ago and Sabayon was the First Linux Distro I could get to work 3D Desktop and all EXCEPT my Broadcom Wireless Chip.
I've installed the Mini Edition at this time, but am dwnld the Full DVD and plan on installing that as soon as I've got it burnt.

Anyway I've got sound NO Prob, But I don't know if the Installs for my Broadcomm Chip will work or not but here is a Link to the Wiki that has some good Ideas anyway, there's about 3 different ways to do it. ... dware#Wifi

I don't know if this will Help but it sounds good anyway.

It's more understandable then most solutions I've seen in other distros.... :lol:
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