Sound Problem with Dell Inspiron 9100

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Sound Problem with Dell Inspiron 9100

Post by crusader » Mon Feb 04, 2008 4:26

As in this threads: ... lem#p57276 ... lem#p46231 ... lem#p30321 ... blem#p1835 ... blem#p1787

I have the same problem, first I got a popping up Volume screen which did not vanish, and which behaved as the volume down button was pressed all the time. I cleared that through deactivating the kmilo module in kde, within the kde control center. After that I had no sound, I fixed that with restarting the alsaconf. Sound is working now but then I had the problem that my multimedia keys would not work with the pbbuttond daemon installed they are working now and even the alsamixer, kmixer is reacting to the typed volume down/up buttons. But the sound which should be toggled with the volume setting is not, it always stays at the same level.

One thing I recognized while configuring the alsaconf is, that alsaconf shows me a lot of error while trying to toggle the volume for testing reasons, I can't paste these errors cause they are running over the screen too fast to get them and alsaconf clears these errors with the last line which tell me that alsaconf is entering the modules within the modules.d/alsa file.
I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

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