Brother MFC685CW sane problem

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Brother MFC685CW sane problem

Post by Calldrick » Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:38

Hello fellow Sabayon users

I have a number of issues to sort out.

The first is my new Brother MFC685CW all in one printer.

ok I have installed the printer as a ethernet network printer and installed the drivers from the brother website ... ivers.html clicked on the link for my model and I get the driver package for the MFC665CW....

oh well dosn't matter give them a try anyhow problem is they are rolled for RPM and Debian flavor of linux no problem found this handy howto and followed it just swapping the names for my driver package... hey presto it works I can now network print to my MFC....woohoo!!!!

The problem is I cant get XSANE to see my scanner but kooka can ???? and to get the scanner button on the MFC to work I need to get SANE to work.

any tips? or request for log extracts/config files? to help me work out what is going on

I am guessing that it probably has something to do with how sane back end works in as far as talking to the network rather than usb.... but I haven't hit the right howto yet as all i can find is howto's for sane usb fixes.


Baby Hen
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Re: Brother MFC685CW sane problem

Post by x95tobos » Tue Feb 26, 2008 17:00

Not sure if this is also the case for Sabayon, but you get the ideea ...

Take a look into sane's configuration files. They are usually located in /etc/sane.d and each manufacturer has one. Then try to dabble with options in that file, uncommenting things out until you hit the jackpot.

Good luck

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