Dell E1705

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Dell E1705

Post by mathomas3 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 0:49

hi there...

love the system...

i just have a few questions related to this system...

1. a wireless network is seen... but i cant connect to it... seems to hang...
2. media buttons on the computer for audio dont work... how would i go about working on this... thanks

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Re: Dell E1705

Post by WarraWarra » Fri Feb 01, 2008 17:38

Media buttons you would likely have to check on forums /wiki for a how-to , never bothered with it on mine so no clue.

You are using ???? 3.5 beta loop1 , 3.4 mini , 3.4 e or f ?? 32bit or 64bit ??

It should just work for the wifi unless the wep / wpa / wpa2 or mac adress is locked out of the wifi router.
Wep / wpa /wpa2 fails if the signal is to weak in linux much easier than in windows.

If all fails pull the power cable on the wifi router for 10 sec.s or more and try again.
Have a look at the networking part of the forums posted the "before 3.4e ipw3945 ...." part there suing my E1705 + broadcom 43xx and intel ipw3945 wifi cards.

Any other wifi cards no idea.

Run as root in terminal / konsole.
# lspci
To list hardware + drivers if not sure about hardware you have installed.

The wiki or web chat / irc chat top right of this page / desktop should have very clued up guy's there that can give faster answers / how-to doc's to help or gentoo forums / wiki , just don't mention SL linux only gentoo in gentoo forums would help. They are scared and temperamental in gentoo forums about SL = no help.

Hope this helps.

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