noob prob zd1211 error

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Baby Hen
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noob prob zd1211 error

Post by thanks » Fri Jan 04, 2008 17:54

i hope this is in the right section.
i have been having random lock ups i checked var/log/messages and this is the only 2 errors i'm getting

localhost [1891.773695] zd1211rw 1-6:1.0: zd_chip_control_leds error -110

localhost [3207.776091] zd1211rw 1-6:1.0: error ioread32 (cr_reg1) : -110

the adapter is a belkin f5d 7050 v4000 with the zd1211 chipset .
iwork great for about 2 days after install but now i get random lockups.
i have tryed searching and i have found nothing that would apply to my prob.
I'm new to linux os's so be easy on me. if anyone needs more info just let me know
and i will get it for u. thanks for the help

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