sound server fatal error

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sound server fatal error

Post by trappedinadrain » Fri Dec 21, 2007 20:08

I apologize in advance if this topic already exists. when i searched i only got one in french. When my laptop starts i get this error:
Error - artsmessage
Sound server fatal error:
cpu overload, aborting

my laptop is a hp pavilion tx1215nr (mainly same hardware as other tx1000 series laptops)

what could be causing this?
what are my possible solutions?
could using the x86 os instead of the x86_64bit make the sound and wireless work?

the next problem i'm having is that the wireless connection just refuses to connect. My network uses no encryption and broadcasts its ssid. the only security i use is a MAC filter but the machine's mac address is already on the access list.

One odd thing is that I used the method listed here: ... ontx1020ea to get the sound working in Ubuntu (too many other issues for me to use ubuntu though)

any thoughts/help is appreciated i'm really sick on winblows and would love to use linux fulltime

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