Sony VAIO VGN-FS640/W what to be aware of?

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Sony VAIO VGN-FS640/W what to be aware of?

Post by jcer93705 » Fri Nov 30, 2007 21:36

Hi, my brother has this laptop actually two and my mom is going to end up giving it to me
as a last gift and last time for christmas since i'm getting old. LOL Anyways Seem a good laptop
a bit expensive, but i guess my brother selling this to my mom for $300 He works at comp-usa
and this was as an demo for people to check it out and such. Brother installed a 100 gig harddrive,
1024 megs of ram. Wundering what would I have problem in linux with the harddrive? Here is
the link. Also I want everything to be working. I just want to cary a laptop with linux then window$.
I think i feel geeky right now of looking forward and deleting windows. Would I get bery or fuzion
running? And some old games? Thank you ... B0008EZBSE

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Re: Sony VAIO VGN-FS640/W what to be aware of?

Post by eshum » Fri Nov 30, 2007 22:01

The on board graphics are rated from they suck to satisfactory depending on the reviews you read. here is what the manufacturer states-- print this page

Intel®: Includes Graphics Media Accelerator 900The new Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 provides incredible visual quality, versatile display options, 3D performance for consumers, and added reliability for business - all without the additional cost, noise, and power that discrete graphics cards can require. For additional flexibility, the Intel® 915G Express Chipset also supports PCI Express* graphics upgrades - be sure to look for this option if you or your customers may require a graphics upgrade during the life of the system.
Intel GMA 900 Graphics: Benefits for Consumers

Designed for Media
Designed for MediaImprove your view with high definition video (HDTV) displays and native widescreen support. Many High Definition TVs include digital display inputs, and with Intel GMA 900 graphics, your applications will look great at either 720p or 1080p resolutions. Widescreen panels can look their best due to enhanced modes for 16x9 formats, so your system can display the native format that widescreens require.

3D Gaming
Intel GMA 900 graphics now include hardware acceleration for 3D applications that utilize DirectX* 9 and OpenGL*, so you can play games for fun and enjoyment. If you decide to play games for sport or competition, you can always utilize the PCI Express graphics slot to upgrade to a graphics card, and “frag” with the best.

Dual Display Option
Dual Display OptionExpand your view with the dual display option for the Intel GMA 900 graphics. Adding a second monitor to your system increases your workspace, allowing you to work on one display while monitoring mail or even watching a DVD movie on the other.
Class Leading Performance With a powerful 333MHz core and new DirectX 9 hardware acceleration, Intel GMA 900 graphics can provide performance on par with graphics card solutions that cost significantly more.
Optimized for Media Graphics designed with media in mind. Incredible visual quality with native 16x9 formats for wide screen flat panels, motion compensation for smooth DVD playback and support for popular HDTV display formats. Outstanding overall media experience when combined with Intel® High Definition Audio.
Broad Application Support Complete support of broad range of operating systems and APIs including: Microsoft Windows* XP and Windows 2000, multiple Linux* OSs, DirectX* 9, Open GL* 1.4
Dual Independent Displays Option¹ Expand your view across two monitors for more workspace. Option requires ADD2 card for additional display adapter.
Optimization of System Resources Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) 3.0 supports up to 118MB of video memory; system memory is allocated where it is needed dynamically.
Upgradeability¹ PCI Express* x16 port available; upgrades to high performance 3D graphics cards if required.
Intel GMA 900 Graphics Mean Business

The simplicity of graphics designed into the platform can reduce IT build and support costs, so Intel GMA 900 graphics is a key component of Intel's Stable Image Platform Program for the 2004 corporate desktop. Intel GMA 900 graphics provides all the graphics performance and features business users should likely need for the life of the system, including an incredible new level of price/performance and tested reliability. Intel graphics also provides a great value proposition due to lower power, better thermals, and quieter acoustics levels at a lower overall cost for system builds.

Intel Software Driver Stack
Intel and our fellow travelers validate operation of the chipset, processor, graphics and graphics driver software stack. Intel also performs rigorous testing and validation with a range of operating systems and applications including: Microsoft Windows* 2000, Windows XP, DirectX* 9, OpenGL* 1.4, Linux (select top distributions), OS/2 (SciTech).

Display Advantages
Intel GMA 900 graphics supports a wide range of resolutions through Dynamic Display Detect, which communicates with your display to ensure the proper resolutions are available for maximum clarity. The Dual Display option allows a second display to be driven by the system - expanding workspace for business clients and possibly improving productivity.
Intel® Stable Image Platform Program Intel-validated hardware and software stack can help reduce total cost of ownership with improved manageability and stability of the complete platform for business client deployments. Full WHQL compliance.
Balanced Architecture: great graphics, no card required Optimization of system resource use provides excellent graphics at a lower system price. Integrated solution helps to reduce system complexity, power consumption, noise, and support costs.
Broad Application Support Support available for broad range of operating systems and APIs including: Microsoft* Windows* XP and Windows 2000, multiple Linux* OSs, DirectX* 9, Open GL* 1.4
Dual Independent Displays Option¹ Provide increased display workspace for your clients for possible productivity increases. Allows re-use of excess monitors.
Upgradeability¹ PCI Express* x16 port available; Single platform can be deployed for broad range of client user needs, allowing upgrades to higher performance 3D graphics cards if required.
¹ Available with the Intel 915G Express chipset bla bla bla
Sounds like a pretty decent laptop to me just remember it will not be gaming

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