HP multifunction ENVY 4500 scanning troubles

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HP multifunction ENVY 4500 scanning troubles

Post by alexo » Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:08

Hello sabayoners,

this week it happened a strange thing after upgrading my laptop:
xsane and scanimage don't find the Scanner.

I have an HP ENVY 4500 set by HPLIP (version 3.20.6) that correctly detects
the printer and prints regularly.

When I launch xsane (version 0.999) a popup appears showing the following message:

- no device available

and if I launch the scanning process from inside the HPLIP HP Device Manager i get:

- cannot open device

The text message here reported where translated back to English from the Italian ones,
so the exact words could be slightly different.

I tried to start the laptop with an older kernel (4.4.0 instead of the last one), but
the same thing happens.

On my machine are coexisting 3 Linux bistros:

- Debian 10 Stable
- Linux Mint 19
- Sabayon (regularly updated)

all three with the MATE desktop environment.

Before updating the scanner was recognized but when the scanning was completed there was not
the document digitized but a message reporting an error relative to the scanner (I don't
remember the exact words, sorry)

Since I have a similar problem in Linux Mint but not in Debian stable, I presume it could be
some regression somewhere, and I'm asking you if some of you encountered similar troubles.

Thank you

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Re: HP multifunction ENVY 4500 scanning troubles

Post by sabayonino » Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:12

I had the same issue

Just set "python" to 3.7 and reinstall hplip drivers

Code: Select all

# eselect python set python3.7

Code: Select all

# equo i hplip
If it doesn't' work :

Set in /etc/portage/make.conf

Code: Select all

PYTHON_TARGETS="python3_6 python3_7"
Update/reinstall hplip over portage

Code: Select all

# emerge hplip --ask && equo rescue spmsync
Be sure that your installation is full updated.

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Re: HP multifunction ENVY 4500 scanning troubles

Post by albfneto » Tue Oct 27, 2020 15:08

I had a similar issue, but other multifuncional. HP Deskjet 2050.
The procedure solve my problem.
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