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Postby wolfden » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:40

revdep-rebuild -X will fix it

that should be done regardless when done with world update
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Postby smolloy » Tue Jun 05, 2007 21:22

I went through the whole guide and have just rebooted successfully!!! :compress:


Now I have all the stability, power, and bleeding-edge-ness of Gentoo, with the wonderful, gorgeous-ness of Sabayon!! :D

Thank you for writing this up so well wolfden. I wouldn't recommend this process for someone new to linux, or who doesn't fully understand portage, but I'd also say that this process is quite manageable for someone who is prepared to think through each step, read error messages thoroughly, and who has good google-skills.

PS: I have been left with some error from revdep-rebuild relating to gnucash. I think this is cos I unmerged gnucash (it wouldn't emerge and I don't use it), and it left behind a lot of libraries it doesn't need any more. I've also got a dbus_daemon error message, but I'm off to hit google to figure that one out!
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Postby wolfden » Tue Jun 05, 2007 21:50

Well in my opinion it's the thing to do. I don't experience the problems people are reporting with their regular SL installs. It only makes sense as you build it to your hardware and you stop supporting hardware that you don't even have.

Your right, it's not for the lazy or those that don't understand portage. It requires problem solving abilities. It's highly easy to learn tho.
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Postby smolloy » Thu Jun 07, 2007 19:58

Now that I have successfully emerged world, how close will this get me to the latest version of Sabayon? By this I mean that I installed the x86_64 3.3 DVD, and am now regularly doing
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emerge --sync ; layman -S ; emerge -uDN --world
-- does this mean that I am, in effect, using 3.4 Loop 2 (or whatever the latest release is)?

The reason I ask is that I've noticed an uncanny resemblance between my new boot splash screen, and the one posted in Sabayon Planet for 3.4 Loop 1.

Thanks for your time.
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Postby wolfden » Thu Jun 07, 2007 23:11

you will always be current, a step a head actually
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Your world update

Postby rhomp2002 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 0:27

Just spent the past 2 days doing the whole megillah of the world update you suggested. I think I got the picture pretty well. and the only problem I found was a blockage between avahi and mDSNResponder. I found the answer to that one and got it solved. Thank God for forums. After I read the manual (RTFM in Gentoo speak) then I go to the forums to check that I got it right and it does make a big difference. having a couple of people who really know what they are doing helps.

Just a couple of questions. I note that there is a revdep-rebuild and a revdep-rebuild -x. Should I be doing both or is one sufficient.

Other question is keyed to the release of 3.4 coming up. Now that I am up to date with everything, how do I stay that way with the new releases. I am guessing that just updating will get me most of the way there but is there a reason to get the new releases and do something with them to complete the update? I am a little lost on that point. I would assume that I can just update to do the upgrade but would just like some support on the matter to be sure. I don't want to get too far out of date because then when I do the update I will end up with a couple of days like the past 2. Some of those packages take forever to compile, especially the gcc.

:D :D :D

And thank you, Wolfden. You have been a tremendous help to an old line Midwesterner.
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Postby Red Knuckles » Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:09

Still showing same errors on packages;

# emerge -upD --world

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating world dependencies... done!
[ebuild N ] sys-libs/liblazy-0.1
[ebuild U ] kde-base/kicker-3.5.7-r10 [3.5.7] USE="beagle%*"

after 5 more days. Everything else upgrades fine. Do Gentoo devs manage portage packages such as these 2? I have heard they REALLY like to here suggestions from SL users. [Don't worry guys, got my meds renewed a few days ago, i'M BACK TO ONE PERSONALITY till I run out again]. :shock: :D

However, you're never alone if you have MPD.
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Postby smolloy » Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:15

I think I had a similar problem, but I can't remember what I did.

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emerge -upDtv --world
That will tell give you a little more info. Post it back here if you need help interpreting it.
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Postby fenius » Sun Jun 10, 2007 16:22

This guide is marvelous!!!! :D

I've learned a lot about portage and world update. thank you wolfden, it is well written and easy to understand and use.
After 24 hours of copiling I have my system world updated and perfeclty stable 8)

As you suggested the key to succeed is: "listen to what portage is telling you"

I think it should be added to the wiki as soon as possible :)
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Re: My Unofficial Guide to a Stable System World Update

Postby Heautontimoroumenos » Tue Jun 12, 2007 13:57

Hey wolfden, great guide. Just one question: You say that after running etc-update you

wolfden wrote:look over the remaining ones left and determine if they are safe or not to update.

Could you elaborate on this a bit? What is your method of looking over the remaining ones? Anyway thanks for the guide, very appreciated! :)
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