An New Portage Option for By-Pass .some Compilation Errors

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An New Portage Option for By-Pass .some Compilation Errors

Postby albfneto » Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:30

If you can emerge an large package, and have some errors of Collisions or Blocked Packages, exists that a chance that these blockers are not essential.
For this, you may keep the compilation and installation running, "jumping" the erratic packages, until compilation-installation finished.
Use the option: Keep Going.
Credits do Zap Medico, one of the developers of Gentoo.

emerge --ask --verbose --keep-going name of the package

This works only for Portage versions after 19 (seems that 20 is the actual version).
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Re: An New Portage Option for By-Pass .some Compilation Errors

Postby wolfden » Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:02

If you have looked at portage (2.2rc2) lately you will have noticed some nice new things:

–jobs JOBS
Specifies the number of packages to build simultaneously.
Also see the related –load-average option.

Continue as much as possible after an error. When an error
occurs, dependencies are recalculated for remaining packages
and any with unsatisfied dependencies are automatically
dropped. Also see the related –skipfirst option.

–load-average LOAD
Specifies that no new builds should be started if there are
other builds running and the load average is at least LOAD (a
floating-point number). This option is recommended for use in
combination with –jobs in order to avoid excess load. See
make(1) for information about analogous options that should
be configured via MAKEOPTS in make.conf(5). ... s-feature/
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