Spritz/Equo/Emerge with Proxy?

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Spritz/Equo/Emerge with Proxy?

Post by Ashtefere » Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:51

Hi there.
I am currently working as IT support at a middle school, and they use a proxy server for everything.
I have just installed SabPod 3.5 onto a USB HDD for my windoze workstation, and trying to install some packages now.
I have set the correct proxy settings into spritz and it does jack. Still no net access.
Firefox works ok with the same settings, though I get 2 proxy logins. The first one fails no matter what pass I put in, and when I hit cancel a second one shows up, which works with my pass (I believe this is a bug with the proxy server).
What should I do to get any of the package managers working with my proxy?

Baby Hen
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Re: Spritz/Equo/Emerge with Proxy?

Post by hfrortiz » Thu Oct 09, 2008 18:29

edit your /etc/profile and add the following lines:



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