Overlay "rostov"? [Solved]

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Re: Overlay "rostov"?

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Wed Oct 01, 2008 22:23

dunsurfin wrote:layman 1.1.1
I'm not sure where to find the USE flags enabled for layman. Looking at the Use List in Portato it says "Flag; test, Description; Workaround to pull in packages needed to run with FEATURES=test, portage-2.1.2 handles this internally, so don't set it in make.conf/package.use anymore"

How did you install layman-1.1.1? Using equo/Spritz or using emerge/Portato? Do you have eix installed? If so, you can run that on layman to see what the USE flags are. But, as I've never used entropy/equo/spritz, I don't know what eix reports for entropy-installed packages.
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Re: Overlay "rostov"?

Postby albfneto » Wed Oct 01, 2008 22:41

I use entropy and portage.
eix command show the package, version etc... as is portage.
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Re: Overlay "rostov"?

Postby dunsurfin » Wed Oct 01, 2008 23:20

Got rid of it at last! I followed your advice, Fitzcarraldo, and updated layman to 1.2.0 r1 and installed eix. I couldn't update eix as the version in Entropy has a bug but emerged 0.13.5 and that updated so I could see what was available (In fact portato did the job in much the same way). Then, of course, I ran into the /usr/local/portage or /usr/portage/local problem and was very grateful for your sticky on that. After a few false starts I got it working OK and a layman -S works without any error messages. That bizarre xml file is still there but nothing points to it any more. Thank you :)
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