firefox, open book plugin... What package do I emerge??

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firefox, open book plugin... What package do I emerge??

Postby joe3 » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:10

I like sabayon linux. But my focus is on useing software within it where most things seam to "just work" without my having to be an expert on tweaking them...(THANK YOU SABAYON!) I'm not focused on spending all my time upgradeing etc... I'm lucky if I remember to do an emerge --sync before I try to use emerge to automaticaly install something I think I want.

I have enough trouble trying to learn the name of an unfamiliar software application that may do something I need. Quite often I really don't have a clue what packlagename to emerge to get it...

Some things are easy... Like when there is a package with the same name as the software it installs.
This time, someone in a mozillazine forum told me that firefox version is several security releases behind, so I wanted to find out if I was running the latest version in the prortage tree... So I did an:

emerge -a firefox

and was told there were no ebuilds to satisfy it...

I know it's got to be in the portage tree somewhare because it exists on my Sabayon linux, And I sure didn't compile it myself...

Could someone tell me what package firefox is hiding in???

I was also interested in finding out if the portage tree contained a plug in called "open book" that would let me set the "create in" bookmark folder of tha "add bookmark" pop-up to default to last folder I saved a bookmark to instead of always assuming I want it dumped at the bottom of the unsorted bookmarks, But if I can't figure out what package has firefox, I dang sure won't guess what package might give me a plugin for it???

Is it safe to just download the plugin from Or is that likely to cause problems when I emerge something???

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Re: firefox, open book plugin... What package do I emerge??

Postby wolfden » Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:36

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Re: firefox, open book plugin... What package do I emerge??

Postby Thev00d00 » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:41

a) The package is called "mozilla-firefox"
b) I would reccomend using Entropy, sabayons binary system:
Entropy: is the sabayon binary package manager:
Equo: - command line interface for entropy:
Spritz: is the GUI for entropy.
c) Its fine to install plugins etc from but make sure you use entropy or portage for updates to programs, not doing so is a very good way to hose your system

Good luck :mrgreen:
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I think I might learn to love equo...

Postby joe3 » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:40

Thank you for the info...

I think I'm going to like equo. I like text interfaces to my package management systems. I learned to like apt-get in kubuntu, and what I just saw of equo is nice... for the heck of it Even though you so kindly provided the name of the package containing firefox I tried

equo search firefox

AND it found it...

If I understand what I just read in the wiki:

the sequence:

# equo update
# equo install foo --ask

can be used instead of

# emerge --sync && layman -S
# emerge foo -a

It did seam faster than emerge when I just used it to get eix

If I understand it entropy uses binary packages rather than spending my processors time compiling them...

Hopefully there won't be any dependency problems with using it to upgrade packages that were originally "emerged" (and locally compiled) with binary versions

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