Problem with libdts/libdca blocked packages when trying emer

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Problem with libdts/libdca blocked packages when trying emer

Post by rhomp2002 » Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:40

I have checked the forums of Sabayon and Gentoo for a solution to this one:

blocks B ] media-libs/libdts (is blocking media-libs/libdca-0.0.5)

I ended up doing an equery depends for both libdts and libdca and found that



shows up with both lists. According to the Gentoo forum the two cannot co-exist since they load the same libraries. I tried emerging libdts and still got the block. I then tried to emerge libdca and got the block again. What do I have to do to get past this one. It is the only blockage left that keeps me from doing an emerge -e world.

When I looked at the Sabayon forums, the only reference to either libdca or libdts was a reference that first said there was a block and then the response to check the forums since they had been addressed earlier. Apparently the address earlier response got lost in the shuffle someplace.

The Gentoo appears to be rather convoluted but ends up with a bug. They suggested doing a oneshot of libdts but that accomplished nothing. They suggested an emerge -C libdca and and emerge libdts and that got me a message that libdca was not found, libdts was emerged. When I then tried to go back and do an emerge -e world I ended up with the same message that libdts is blocking libdca. Is a puzzlement.

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Re: Problem with libdts/libdca blocked packages when trying emer

Post by dave_p_b » Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:47


I had this problem too. You don't need libdts installed as libdca will be sufficient. I think I managed to emerge libdca by opening up a root konsole and typing "emerge --nodeps libdca"
(--nodeps will ignore any dependancies for libdca, but i also found out it gets around the BLOCKING issue too)

Good luck


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