problems with kde after qt update

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problems with kde after qt update

Post by velk » Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:32


i experienced some problems after a qt update yesturday,
the sabayon theme has been replaced by another one in apps like kwrite,ktorrent...

and compiz fusion is not working anymore

if i try to compile again compiz fusion it fails with the following error :

configure: error:
you need to install kdelibs first.

if i tried to emerge kdelibs i get an error (blocked package)

and the actual available package seems to be a downgrade

access-dev1 dev-libs # emerge --search kdelibs
[ Results for search key : kdelibs ]
[ Applications found : 1 ]

* kde-base/kdelibs
Latest version available: 3.5.7-r3
Latest version installed: 3.5.7-r10
Size of files: 15,235 kB
Description: KDE libraries needed by all KDE programs.
License: GPL-2 LGPL-2

Do I have to downgrade and how to do that ?

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