circular dependency [Solved]

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Baby Hen
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circular dependency [Solved]

Post by username » Sat Sep 22, 2007 15:16

Im newb to gentoo/sabayon but have been working with linux for a couple/few yearsnow.

I have a circ. dep. that I can not seem to resolve. It seems to popup during world update and pretty much any install. Ive tried Kuroo and emerge and tried to adjust Use flags. Ive tried sync , dep clean etc. (pretty much anything I could find via google.

localhost ~ # emerge qscintilla
Calculating dependencies... done!
[nomerge ] dev-python/qscintilla-2.1 USE="python -debug -doc -examples -qt4"
[ebuild N ] dev-python/PyQt-3.17.3 USE="-debug -doc -examples"
[ebuild N ] dev-python/qscintilla-2.1 USE="python -debug -doc -examples -qt4"
!!! Error: circular dependencies:

('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/PyQt-3.17.3', 'merge') depends on
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/qscintilla-2.1', 'merge') (hard)
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/qscintilla-2.1', 'merge') depends on
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/PyQt-3.17.3', 'merge') (medium)

!!! Note that circular dependencies can often be avoided by temporarily
!!! disabling USE flags that trigger optional dependencies.

Any sugg. ? Although I tried alot of options Im sure it is probably my gent-newbness getting in the way.
Im using mini edition updated to latest kernel and I believe I have the latest portage as well.

Growing Hen
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Re: circular dependency

Post by Eden » Sat Sep 22, 2007 17:46

Code: Select all

      ( =x11-libs/qt-4* )

      ( =x11-libs/qt-3* )

      ( dev-lang/python qt4?
            ( dev-python/PyQt4 )
            ( dev-python/PyQt )

basically what that means is if dev-python/qscintilla is emergeing with the qt4 use flag then use qt4, !qt4 (not qt4) then emerge it with qt3 support.

so emerge dev-python/qscintilla with qt4 support.

Baby Hen
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Re: circular dependency

Post by username » Thu Sep 27, 2007 23:52

Thanks Eden


Still trying to get used to the gentoo/sabayon concept. Lots more play at the ground level (core) than I've done in the past. A bit of a pain in the a** but the the payout of optimization is soooooooooo.... intriguing its worth it.

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