emerge koffice failed

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Baby Hen
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emerge koffice failed

Post by billyrose » Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:19

Here is the stack:

* You need to build x11-libs/qt with opengl use flag enabled.
* ERROR: app-office/koffice-1.6.3-r1 failed.
* Call stack:
* ebuild.sh, line 1670: Called dyn_setup
* ebuild.sh, line 719: Called qa_call 'pkg_setup'
* ebuild.sh, line 44: Called pkg_setup
* koffice-1.6.3-r1.ebuild, line 68: Called die

How do I get qt to build in the fashion required?

Simple Hen
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Re: emerge koffice failed

Post by momocore » Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:09

It looks like you have to edit you /etc/make.conf file and add some common USE flags.

As root, open up your favorite text editor.

Code: Select all

sudo kate /etc/make.conf
In the big section, where it starts with USE=, add the following:

Code: Select all

qt3 qt3support png sdl qt4 opengl gtk quicktime
Note that these must be contained within the quotation marks alongside all the other use flags.

Save the file and exit kate.

Now, emerge qt and koffice and everything should build properly.

Hope that helps!

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