Temporary freezes in KDE with mesa-19.0.0_rc5 [Solved]

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Temporary freezes in KDE with mesa-19.0.0_rc5 [Solved]

Post by Flavio » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:12

Hi all,

I'm using Sabayon since three years (weekly repository). It worked very well, but with the latest MESA upgrade (19.0.0_rc5) I observed some freezes under KDE (dolphin, libreoffice and others applications) on two different PC (laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and desktop with AMD R9 270X and amdgpu driver). Reverting to mesa-18.3.3 (from Entropy) or mesa-18.3.4 (from Portage) resolved the issue.


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Re: Temporary freezes in KDE with mesa-19.0.0_rc5 [Solved]

Post by msdobrescu » Tue Nov 19, 2019 21:51

I have nVidia and I have a freeze at KDE start only.
I see a desktop without wallpaper (so it's black) and the widgets on the screen frozen.
I use Yakuake, this expands if I press F12. But the start bar is also frozen.
Switching windows work (if I start something from Yakuake, because the menu is also frozen).
I could even get a screenshot with Spectacle.
This takes up to a minute, then KDE comes to life and I have no more issues after.

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