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Plasma 5.12.5: task bar app symbol windows not lifted

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 16:30
by linuxfluesterer
Hallo guys.
Since my last upgrade I have some issues with task bar symbols.
I have selected to show all symbols of opened applications, side by side, not grouped.
Though I have selected to lift window when striking a symbol in the task bar, only previews (info) are shown. No (faded) window is lifted up.
It has no effect to select either
- 'only for actual activity'
- 'only for actual screen'.

No faded window is lifted up.

Also, the mini preview (info) has changed. When I stroke the symbols only the apps of the actual (virtual) screen show realistic previews,
while other symbols of different virtual screens show only artificial previews, not real ones.

KDE Plasma Version 5.12.5
KDE Frameworks Version 5.47.0
Qt Version: 5.9.6
Kernel Version: 4.16.16-sabayon

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE...)