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Gnome ibus terminator defect workaround

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 22:44
by flexoron
Terminator is a terminal program.
If you using it, try this:
'Split Vertically' terminator window and switch on 'Broadcast all'
Type 'ls'
Characters get doubled in the other window 'llss'

| [email protected] ~ $ llss | [email protected] ~ $ ls |
| bash: llss: command not found | Workarounds.txt |

The system sets environment variable GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
If this variable is 'empty' then terminator works as expected.

There are several places where you can unset this variable but
who knows what then breaks so I decided to just unset it for terminator.
I don't use 'ibus' functionality inside terminator windows.
If you do you should try and test.

Substitute this entry:


with this:

Exec=bash -c "GTK_IM_MODULE= terminator&"

in this file:

Hint: There are two Exec=terminator entries and there must be a blanc between GTK_IM_MODULE= and terminator&

Warnings I don't care about for now:

Startup Warnings when other terminators running already
Feb 09 21:31:18 y-pc terminator[2]: Binding '<Control><Alt>a' failed!
Feb 09 21:31:18 y-pc terminator.desktop[2]: Unable to bind hide_window key, another instance/window has it.

Warning when closing terminator application ( perhaps "bash -c" command is/was the registered window :)
Feb 09 21:31:47 y-pc terminator.desktop[2]: <window.Window object at 0x7f3a3c74e550 (terminatorlib+window+Window at 0x5601052c8260)> is not in regist
ered window list