KDE 5 Plasma - how to reset password manager?

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KDE 5 Plasma - how to reset password manager?

Post by linuxfluesterer » Wed Jul 19, 2017 15:41

Hallo KDE/Plasma friends.
on last weekend, my built in ssd made big, big problems with corruption messages and inode errors and so on. I'm using btrfs and I believe this is an advantage of btrfs, I still could read (almost) all of my data, so I could backup my latest status. I'm using Sabayon KDE/Plasma 5.9.5 with Kernel 4.11.9.

I checked the backup for possible corruptions, or other errors, but was fine.
So, my plan was to reinstall a new Sabayon (as date of 17/07/2017) and then simply copy my backuped home directory with all my settings I made, my window settings, my passwords, the icons and so on.

Nevertheless, I could NOT get connected with my wireless network.
I was asked again and again for my wlan password and in the network settings then I defined a new connection (my router) with my password, valid for all users (uncrypted). Even this did not change anything. I was asked again and again and again.

So, I think this is a problem of the password manager (I assume kwallet is NOT active!). This password manager appears, when a new user starts a session first time and will then connect to wireless lan, so that the password will be saved for automatically relogin next time. Same, I remember, Google Chrome is asking, when using first time.

So, my idea is to reset the behavior of this password manager, that it will appear as if I were an absolutely new user with an empty home directory with KDE structure. I already changed the file:

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First Use=false
... First Use=true, but this did not help.
So, what can I do, that I do not have to install every setting on my home directory manually because I do not get wireless lan connection? First it is a lot of work, well saved in my backup, second, I do not remember every setting I made and exactly, where I made them.
Thank you in advance!

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE...)
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Re: KDE 5 Plasma - how to reset password manager?

Post by manifesto » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:34

I would say the password is to open wallet manager that is storing the informations.
I kind of remember that you can just press cancel and manually insert the password.
I am not sure about what you want to achieve but I guess it is resetting the wallet.
You can probably erase this :

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Sabayon pierre  $ find .local/share |grep wallet 
The wallet can be in any subdir called kwalletd of the commands below :

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qtpaths --paths GenericDataLocation

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Re: KDE 5 Plasma - how to reset password manager?

Post by sabayonino » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:14

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